How to be a Victorian Country Gentlewoman


Helaas allemaal in het Engels, maar wat wil je als een victoriaanse vrouw wil worden lol
Geef mij dan maar de mindere klasse dan, deze lijst lijkt me veel te saai. Hard werken, dat is wat ik nodig heb, dat je tenminste voelt dat een mens in die periode leeft !!!
Bekijk de site ( maar even verder, er staan heel wat leuke oude zaken in !

Six suggestions for "ladies who have been brought up in a town, but who from circumstances have been induced to reside in the country," from Mrs Loudon, The Lady’s Country Companion or, How to Enjoy a Country Life Rationally(1845).

walking+Victorian+lady.jpg1. Go for walks: "You enjoy in the country the inestimable advantage of being able to procure as much fresh air as you like…you will probably find the beauty of the scenery quite sufficient to interest you; but after a time, as your walks must all necessarily partake of the same character you will want a little variety, and you must make sources of interest…a mole caught and hanging in a trap…a rather small bird with a dead mouse in its beak…a bit of stone that appears composed of various particles.”

2. Polish your badminton skills: "If you do not like battledore and shuttlecock, perhaps you may billiards…Archery is a favourite amusement with ladies in the country, as few exercises display an elegant form to more advantage.”


3. Decorate: Try out "plain white muslin over the silk of the piano and the chiffonier, to save them from the flies" or procure "a few cabinet pictures, which should be characterised by delicacy and beauty."

4.Patronise the poor: "keep up as much as possible the kindly feeling which existed in olden time between the lords of the soil and its cultivators…call frequently on your poorer neighbours…with the ostensible appearance of employing them in some little work, and in reality to see how best you can be serviceable….make enquiries into what your poor neighbours have for dinner…get the daughters taught the best way of cooking food suitable to their rank in life."


Caption reads: "I suppose, like me, you have your troubles?"
"Oh yes mum; just like you."

5. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon…on the swing? “A swing is a very useful adjunct to the amusements of the country, as many grown-up people are as fond of swinging as children.”

6. Take up sketching: "an amusement in which a lady can, without any impropriety indulge.”

Polish your country house manners with Thomas Hill’s amusing Essential Handbook of Victorian Etiquette.


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